Toad-Holder Projects
CryptoFlyz CryptoFlyz
All the toad traits that you love painstakingly retuned to fit the aerodynamic body of a fly, plus some new bonus traits.
Creature Toadz Creature Toadz
First crossover project between two independently successful NFT communities, Creatures and CryptoToadz by Skirano.
StitchToadz StitchToadz
Small, hand-stitched & then digitally edited, amphibious creatures. Made with love by MELLIA, with help by Matas.
CrypTurtz CrypTurtz
Turtz are swamp-wise creatures, they're here to join the !vibe
CorruptedToadz CorruptedToadz
Created using a manual unique process of rendering an image on an old PC emulator and tinkering with the image source code.
AI Toadz AI Toadz
AI-generated Toadz. Every CrypToad owner can commission one unique AI Toad and incorporate some custom theme in the image.
Croakz Croakz
6,969 Unique CROAKZ.
Evotoadz Evotoadz
No roadmap. Just backgrounds. 1 Toad = 1 TW. Mint soon. CC0.
Toadz World Toadz World
No roadmap. Just backgrounds. 1 Toad = 1 TW. Mint soon. CC0.
TexToadz TexToadz
Textoadtz are individually created by hand with scripting & coding
ToadzOnTapes ToadzOnTapes
ToadEggz ToadEggz
ToadEggz is a collection of 6969 Eggz to be released soon exclusively for Cryptoadz holders.
Gel Toadz Gel Toadz
Custom gel toadz made for toad holders. They are 0.20 ETH each and will be delivered in a week. Capped at 1,000 orders. Collection by Danny Zareto.
Sockz Sockz
Sockz for toad holders. Sockz NFTs can be burned and redeemed for a real pair of sockz.
Choadz Choadz
An homage to CrypToadz, brought to life in 3D by The Chunks.
Open-to-Public Projects
Blitoadz Blitoadz
Blitoadz is an on-chain collection of 5,600 unique NFTs. They are, effectively, blitzed CrypToadz.
SwampCatz SwampCatz
SwampCatz is a collection of 6,969 programmatically generated adorable feline creatures vibing in the metaverse. No roadmap, no utility, just !meow.
AVAXCryptoadz AVAXCryptoadz
AVAX Cryptoadz is our tribute to the CC0 movement and our passion for growing the Avalanche Network by spreading !vibe.
For the culture. An ode to Cryptoadz and other iconic NFT collections. CC0.
VanToadz VanToadz
A Swamp Full of 1/1 Toadz, brought to you by Van Coleman.
Dissected Toadz Dissected Toadz
Looking inside your favorite toadz and see what makes them !vibe by @2aca71.
Noadz Noadz
Nouns + Toadz = Noadz.
FrenToadz FrenToadz
Unique 1/1 custom illustrations of Cryptoadz.
Hero Toadz Hero Toadz
A group of amphibious heroes and villains by @lanx_eth
Crypto Boyz Crypto Boyz
6969 Boyz on the Ethereum Blockchain. CC0 project. No roadmap...Pure !vibes.
Doads Doads
Doads is a collection of 6969 whimsical amphibious toads. They secrete a neurotoxin that when inhaled produces hallucinogenic, boundless experiences within that can last a lifetime.
Andromeda Toadz Andromeda Toadz
Out of the muggy swamps of the Ethereum mainnet, 6969 Toadz leapt onto the cross-galactic bridge in search of lower congestion and gas fees, settling in the L2 paradise of Metis Andromeda.
CrypToadettez CrypToadettez
The toadettez are in search of their long-lost male counterparts, the CrypToadz. The time has come to be re-united.
fx(toadz) fx(toadz)
420 toadz on the Tezos blockchain using the original toadz artwork and the fx(hash) platform for randomization.
CrypTurtlez CrypTurtlez
Turtlez are slow and sometimes appears on the blockchain.
The Boanez The Boanez
The Boneys + Noadz = Boanez. 1/1 animated CC0 project.
Mutant Toadz Mutant Toadz
A bunch of curious Cryptoadz found a secret water lily filled with serum and took a few sips. What happened next?
Toadz Dickbutts Toadz Dickbutts
4646 Ugly & Beautiful Toadz Dickbutts. CC0. No roadmap, only degen vibes.
CryptoVanz CryptoVanz
222 CryptoVanz join the CaraVan per week, price goes up slightly each week too! No road map: this is a road trip! CC0.
Bullfrug Mutant Club Bullfrug Mutant Club
A collection of characters that drank Dr. Bullfrug's purple potion and were transformed into Mutants.
CrypToad Punks CrypToad Punks
6969 Toad Punks on the Ethereum blockchain. No roadmap. Just !vibes. CC0 project. 80% of sales goes directly to CrypToadz treasury.
0xToadz 0xToadz
An Expansion Pack of 5,555 Uniquely Reconstructed Toadz Vibing in a honey swamp near you.
Orangugang Orangugang
10,000 Orangutans were programmatically, randomly generated, stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain, and hosted on IPFS.
Butt Toadz Butt Toadz
A collection of 6969 small amphibious creatures trying to escape the tyrannical rule of the evil King Coltrane.
Trippy GAN Toadz Trippy GAN Toadz
A plague of 5,038 visually disturbing Trippy GAN Toadz squatting on the blockchain. A derivative project created by a GAN machine learning process using real pieces of actual CrypToadz.
Magic Toadz Magic Toadz
Small community based project of 1444 Magic Toads from the ethereum swamp.
SantaToadz SantaToadz
Holiday spirit infused CrypToadz derivatives high on lollipop dust, funky milk and that special kind of cookies.
The Boneys The Boneys
1000 Randomly generated bags of bones with some special 1/1s.
Swampverse Swampverse
Where 9600 toads croak.
NounPunks NounPunks
Group 9969 of beings inspired by the world of LarvaLabs and SuperGremplin that bridge the autonomy of separate cultures.
Complex Toadz Complex Toadz
Hand-drawn unqiue toadz inspired by Cryptoadz.
NobiToadz NobiToadz
NobiToadz by @0xnobiscum
Pop Wonder Cryptoadz #3852 Pop Wonder Cryptoadz #3852
Cryptoadz #3852 // Pop Wonder Remix
Bored Vibes Bored Vibes
A hand-done derivative series mashup of NFT projects and Cryptoadz. Created with owners permission.
Paper Vibes Paper Vibes
A hand-done derivative series mashup of NFT projects and Cryptoadz. Created with owners permission.
Baby Toads Baby Toads
6,969 procedurally generated Baby Toad NFTs.
XCOPY x Cryptoadz in an epic mashup remix toadz collection that'll rip your only socks off.
Peaceful Toadz Peaceful Toadz
Peaceful Toadz is a Peaceful Groupies & Cryptoadz crossover project that aims to bring the best vibes of the nft world together with 6666 unique pieces!
Degen GAN Toadz Degen GAN Toadz
Small, AI-generated tributes to CrypToadz and Bastard GAN Punks.
Loafz Loafz
Chonky, loveable pets from the future. There are 15 unique species each with a wildly different personality to match.
Trippy Toadz Trippy Toadz
These GREMPLIN inspired Toadz have swamp party vibes. Grab your glow sticks and join the fun.
Wired Beast Wired Beast
Wired Beast presents a timeless aesthetic look, aims to grow into a globally recognized brand with a strong community.
Degendary Degendary
DEGENDARY is a collection of 300 small degen creatures inspired by Nouns and Cryptoadz.
Distorted Toadz Distorted Toadz
Toadz that have been distorted as they traversed the ever-expanding metaverse.
Loot Toadz Loot Toadz
100% On-Chain NFT on ERC721 Standard with Token Utility.
Unexisting Toadz Unexisting Toadz
We trained a GAN neural network to create Cryptoadz which do not exist!
Baller Toadz Baller Toadz
250 toadz balling out in the metaverse. Build your best team for upcoming 2v2 tournament challenges.
Cryptopolz Cryptopolz
The prequel to the cryptoadz.
Tezoadz Tezoadz
When toadz die, they cross over to the underworld and continue the !darkvibe in the dark swampz of tez.
ArToadz ArToadz
555 toadz, made in the style of the works of various famous artists.
ToadHeadz ToadHeadz
Small amphibious two-legged creatures trying to escape the tyrannical rule of the Evil King Gremplin.
Punk Toadz 3D Punk Toadz 3D
Small collection of 3D PunkToadz.
ToadzBarz ToadzBarz
Limited collection of 69 hungry toadz with chocolates.
DOS Toadz DOS Toadz
Cryptoadz + DOS Character set + random color palette.
ASCII CrypToadz ASCII CrypToadz
Collection of ASCII toadz by tricK.
CrypTadpolez CrypTadpolez
Unique 1/1 tadpolez by nobiscum.
Cryptoadz Abstract Cryptoadz Abstract
Non-figurative works utilizing Cryptotoadz for generative abstract experimentation.
Fast Food Toadz Fast Food Toadz
The Fast Food Toadz are a curated boutique collection primary to Cryptoadz holders of Unique Fast Food Toadz.
Legendtoady Legendtoady
A collection of Legendary Toadz that grew too big for the swamp. One added every day.
CrypGhostz CrypGhostz
Collection of 6,969 toadz who found their peace in CrypToadz heaven.
ZombieToadz ZombieToadz
Collection of 5,555 zombie toadz.
GANoadz GANoadz
Fusing Noadz with NFT art wising GAN and various digital media.
Dot Matrix Cryptoadz Dot Matrix Cryptoadz
1000 remixed CrypToadz.
Touns Touns
Toadz + Nouns = Touns.
Vibe Toadz Vibe Toadz
Animated toadz with tube lighting on Polygon and Ethereum chains.
CryptoSnailz CryptoSnailz
Collection of 6,969 snailz.
69Toadz 69Toadz
Collection of 69 swamp-inspired toadz.
CholoToadz CholoToadz
Collection of 500 cholo-style toadz by Blue Pastel.
Meka Toadz Meka Toadz
Chunky Toadz Chunky Toadz
Collection of 7,777 chuck toadz.
Stats & Analytics
Flips Finance Flips Finance
Wide array of available stats with a great trait breakdown and comprehensive stat chart per toad.
Degen Data Degen Data
DegenData allows NFT traders to analyze historical price trends by any combination of NFT MetaData. Track wallet activity, monitor price and analyze project growth.
Dune Analytics Dune Analytics
More in-depth vizuals taking a deeper-dive into Cryptoadz' trading volume, top holders, and other data points!
Compass Analytics Compass Analytics
Compass lets you track collection floors, ongoing mints, wallet transactions and more from one place.
Rarity Rarity
Classic tool for discovering collection's rarity and explaining asset traits and value.
nft now • How Gremplin’s CrypToadz Took the NFT Market by Storm nft now • How Gremplin’s CrypToadz Took the NFT Market by Storm
''Over the months, Punk4156 and others have attributed the success of CrypToadz in part to its art being public domain.''
The Defiant • Punks or Toadz? Referential Art Project No.1 in 24-Hour Trading Volume The Defiant • Punks or Toadz? Referential Art Project No.1 in 24-Hour Trading Volume
''Another day, another NFT project, but with the strong network and idiosyncratic art behind this one, it might be in it for the long haul.''
New York Times • Why My NFT Toad Brought Me Joy New York Times • Why My NFT Toad Brought Me Joy
''An economy where nobody works a bad job, where cryptocurrencies only go up in value and where financial planning for the future just involves buying more toads.''
The Defiant • Vibe! Cryptoadz Floor Price Soars as Snoop Dogg and Other NFT Buyers Pile In The Defiant • Vibe! Cryptoadz Floor Price Soars as Snoop Dogg and Other NFT Buyers Pile In
''Cozomo de Medici, a Twitter account which the rapper Snoop Dogg claimed as his own, cashed out 140 ETH for Cryptoadz #4236.''
Redlion • Cryptoadz By Gremplin Redlion • Cryptoadz By Gremplin
''I think what makes Cryptoadz unique is Gremplin's referential style and irreverent artistic voice.''
Buy/Sell/Trade is an NFT Exchange that supports secondary sales of Cryptoadz and derivatives like Cryptoflyz.
OpenSea: Low to High OpenSea: Low to High
View the current ''Floor Toadz'' and pick on up yourself!
NFTX Cryptoadz Valut NFTX Cryptoadz Valut
Buy from, sell into, or stake toadz in the vault to get rewarded on trading volume.
Explorers Market Explorers Market
Buy available Explorer toadz.
Ghosts Market Ghosts Market
Buy available Ghost-body toadz.
Hoodies Market Hoodies Market
Buy available Mysterious Hoodie toadz.
Aliens Market Aliens Market
Buy available Alien toadz.
Toadz API Toadz API
Custom API Routes by Flips.Finance to query toad data.
Twitter Vibe Bot (Github Repo) Twitter Vibe Bot (Github Repo)
The Discord !vibe bot brought to Twitter.
Subgraph Explorer Subgraph Explorer
Subgraph published to The Graph Network to allow devs to quickly query toadz data.
Toadz World Toadz World
CrypToadz News Roundup
Cryptoadz Etherscan Contract Cryptoadz Etherscan Contract
Learn more by seeing, explore the deployed smart contract.
Choadz Voxelz Choadz Voxelz
1) Download .vox file. 2) Convert to .OBJ using #MagicaVoxel 3) Upload to Shapeways and print.
Cryptoadz Stickers (iOS) Cryptoadz Stickers (iOS)
iMessage stickers in the iOS App Store.
Cryptoadz Stickers (Telegram) Cryptoadz Stickers (Telegram)
42 CrypToadz Telegram stickers.
Issa Vibe Song Kit Issa Vibe Song Kit
Includes song, instrumental, acapella and open verse versions- all copyright free for use.
Toadzgotchi Toadzgotchi
Tamagotchi-inspired P2E CrypToadz game. Your toad, come to life. Level up your toad to earn rewards! Coming to your neighborhood Toys 'R' Us. Q1 2022.
Toad Blocks Toad Blocks
A tribute game to the entire NFT space with love aimed at Art Blocks Cryptoadz, Nimbuds and Sea Hams.
GREMPLAND: Cryptovoxels World GREMPLAND: Cryptovoxels World
Explore the Toadz metaverse.
Try to collect as many FVCK Crystals as possible!
Toad Runnerz Toad Runnerz
Cryptoadz/Arcade NFTs Collab
Cryptoadz Show Cryptoadz Show
2 Toadz, 1 mission: become rap superstars.
ode 2 toad ode 2 toad
Animation of an ode to a Nounish toad by @JackMaschka
Toadenza Mosaic Toadenza Mosaic
Toadenza mosaic created with all 6,969 toadz.
Voxels Voxels
Voxel Toadz
Physical Toadz Physical Toadz
Physical Toadz made out of beads
Toadoshop Toadoshop
Upload a background and drop in your toadz to create your own art piece by NounDoge
Neon Toad #6294 Neon Toad #6294
Custom Neon Toad art by Bryan Brinkman
''Issa !Vibe'' song ''Issa !Vibe'' song
Issa !Vibe Official Lyric Video by
Toadenza Toadenza
gm gm gm gm gm gm
Toadchella 1.0 Freestyle Toadchella 1.0 Freestyle
Grempland Giftshop Grempland Giftshop
Swampy souvenirs by Watermelone & bloopy911.
Wear What You Vibe With!
ToadHeadz Shop ToadHeadz Shop
This one-stop-print-shop for your favourite NFTs is brought to you by ToadHeadz team.
Cryptoadz community manager on building great communities, the power of CC0, and why so many choose to remain pseudonymous in Web3.
Moti Monday Genesis Moti Monday Genesis
''Moti Monday'' Twitter Spaces with Motivateme.eth hosted by Deeze from 10/4/21.
Toadz Tuesday Toadz Tuesday
Toadz discussion with host Bobby 0xelrod and Moti from 10/5/21.
Moti Monday Ep. 2 Moti Monday Ep. 2
''Moti Monday'' Twitter Spaces with Motivateme.eth from 10/11/21.
Moti Monday Ep. 3 Moti Monday Ep. 3
''Moti Monday'' Twitter Spaces with Motivateme.eth hosted by Deeze from 10/18/21.
Moti Monday Ep. 4 Moti Monday Ep. 4
''Moti Monday'' Twitter Spaces with Motivateme.eth hosted by Deeze from 10/26/21.
Moti Monday Ep. 5 Moti Monday Ep. 5
''Moti Monday'' Twitter Spaces with Motivateme.eth from 11/1/21.